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Lululemon Says Sorry to Banned Customers

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Lululemon has officially apologized after banning customers from using the company's website to purchase products.

The yoga retail giant had admitted to Business Insider on February 7 that they have a stringent policy that prohibits the re-selling of their attire to third-party vendors. After noticing some people purchasing large quantities of products and eventually re-selling them on Ebay and Amazon, they started banning those customers. 

When people complained to the media and on Facebook, the brand quickly posted an apology, saying it had gone too far and "has taken steps to fix it as quickly as possible."

Eric Lewis, who owns 35 pairs of Lululemon pants, was shocked when he found out he was one of the banned customers. "I just kind of felt victimized," he said. "I'm such a loyal fan and have supported their business for so long and then for them to come after me for something like this just blew my mind."

This is just another in a long line of PR gaffes the company has suffered after having to recall thousands of pairs of pants for being too sheer, as well as having to walk back statements made by founder Chip Wilson about how the pants "just don't work for some women's bodies." 

What do you think? Is Lululemon right in banning customers, or does the policy go too far? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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