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Makeup Trends and Tips from the 2012 Emmy Awards


While most eyes were on the gowns at the Emmy Awards, actresses’ makeup was just as important to complete their red-carpet looks. While some of the faces you wouldn’t dare try at home (January Jones’ Halloween-esque eye makeup comes to mind), others can—and should—be easily emulated. Celeb makeup artist Collier Strong, who has painted the faces of Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Christina Applegate, and Kristin Davis, discusses this year’s top three makeup trends and how you can do them yourself.


kelly osbourne

Trend #1: Bold, Dark Lips
Stars like Kelly Osbourne—who chose dark lips to complement her purple gown and hair—were owning the red carpet with very dark lips that gave sophisticated, yet sexy wow appeal, Strong says. “Colors ranged from burnt reds to dark plums and crimson. Many stars paired the lip with bright cheeks that added a beautiful flush of color.”
DIY: Don’t be afraid to take the plunge with a dark lip. Choose a blue-based red, which will make your smile look whiter, and follow these steps from Strong: Define your lips with a sharp liner and apply a matching lip color using a brush over the top. Fill in the lips using the side of the liner, then use a lip brush to apply the lipstick precisely. (Strong also recommends his clients use a professional whitening treatment, such as Philips Zoom, to make their teeth look their best.)


kate maraTrend #2: Classic Looks
“The cat eye is always one of the most popular looks on the red carpet, and it didn’t disappoint on American Horror Story star Kate Mara,” Strong says. “It adds instant drama, with a layer of subtlety. The look demands attention, but doesn’t take it too far over the top.”
DIY: Create bold lines with black pencil eyeliner, which is easier to use than liquid, Strong says: Extend the line from the inner corners of the eye to about a quarter-inch beyond the outer corner. Don’t worry about making the line perfectly smooth. Once you get the basic cat eye drawn, you can use an angle brush to create a flawless line and a sharp tail. “The further out you draw the tail, the more dramatic the effect,” Strong says.


ginnifer goodwinTrend #3: Smoky Eye
Edie Falco and other actresses were really rocking this sultry look that instantly brings any gown to the next level, Strong says.
DIY: A twist on this classic is the multi-hued smoky eye, which incorporates bright colors to make the eyes pop. Check out this great tutorial from makeup guru Bobbi Brown on how to properly do a smoky eye!



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