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Marc Jacobs Models Walk with No Makeup

Getty Images

After all of the crazy outfits debuted in New York at fashion week (which, let’s face it—99 percent of the population would never wear or be able to afford!) we’ve finally found something refreshing. Marc Jacobs models walked down the runway completely bare-faced. And by bare-faced, we don’t mean the complicated makeup that turns out looking effortless, but literally zero makeup. This takes bold to a whole new level.

"We love the shine like you see on the nose, and around the eyes. It’s real life,” said makeup artist Francisco Nars. Finally—fashion week has become accessible and straightforward. We love Marc Jacobs and Francisco Nars for embracing natural beauty and getting away from the perfectly polished looks we're told are what "natural" and "normal" look like. Embrace your blemishes, freckles, and dark circles! It’s in.

Below, some gorgeous shots of the models in the show.

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