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If you've ever wondered how your sex numbers stack up, now you can know: released the results of their fourth annual Singles in America study today—and we've got all the juicy stats.

Each year the online dating site conducts the most comprehensive national study of single Americans, asking more than 5,000 men and women to reveal all about love, dating, and relationships, and this year focused specifically on sex. From the results, being single looks pretty darn good to us! Check out the highlights below, and share your reactions in the comments section, or Tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

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Singles in their 30s had more sex last year than any other age group.

Most guys (85 percent) and gals (70 percent) feel kissing on a first date is acceptable. But they disagree on going further: Thirty-nine percent of men compared to 7 percent of women feel oral sex is okay, and while 37 percent of the gents give intercourse the green-light, only 8 percent of women agree.

Sixty-three percent of singles have had sex in their car, and the most popular places where they want to do it are on boats (50 percent), trains (34 percent), and planes (31 percent).

Don't brush off that casual coffee "hangout" as nothing: Half of singles say they have imagined a future together while on a first date. Perhaps more surprising is that more men (56 percent) than women (48 percent) admitted to this.

Singles with Android phones have more orgasms than those who own other smartphones. (Please god, don't let the teen at the cell phone store use this as a selling pitch at our next upgrade.)

Whichever model you have, put down the phone: Forty-five percent of guys don't want to be bothered with texts while at the office, and 59 percent of both men and women don't want to receive more than one text before they can reply. (On that note, be sure to check out why sharing his texts could mess with your relationship.)

The old adage is wrong: Redheads have the most fun! Ginger women have the most orgasms (41 percent), followed by blonde ladies (36 percent). But brunettes, no need to feel bad: Forty-four percent of all single people orgasm regularly when having sex with a familiar partner. 

Both men and women agree that 10 p.m. is the ideal time to have sex. 

Sweat out that stress! A quarter of singles prep for a first date by working out. (And, hopefully, showering after.)

Most singles are optimistic about marriage: Eighty-eight percent believe they'll stay married to the same person forever, yet 36 percent want a prenup before taking the plunge. 

Ninety-two percent of single men are okay with women asking them out.


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