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Meet Shape’s New Fitness Director: Jaclyn Emerick

Courtesy of Jaclyn Emerick

As Shape’s new fitness director, I pinpoint the best fitness trends and workouts, smartest experts and trainers, and also cover the fitness market and select the newest, most innovative go-to workout gear. My goal: To give you the most creative, fun, and effective ways to get fit and healthy fast.

I’m a certified personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, and Spinning instructor. And I’m always learning more—I’m a regular CrossFitter and plan to get my CrossFit Level 1 coaching and Precision Nutrition certifications next.

I consider myself an adventurer (I’ve gone ice climbing and sea kayaking) and I love hiking, snow boarding, and open-water swimming. I enjoy racing and competing, and have participated in a half Ironman, three marathons, 16 half-marathons, four triathlons and various other events (including Tough Mudder, the Civilian Military Combine, a 200-mile Ragnar relay, 100-mile bike rides, the Empire State Building Run-Up and many more).

This try-anything attitude makes every workout feel fresh and fun—and variety is the key to never hitting that results-killing plateau. Plus, accomplishing a fitness goal or working through something that scares you can help you work through many of life's challenges.

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I truly believe living healthy and getting fit can help you live a confident, happy life. I hope to inspire you on your shape-up journey. That’s why, starting with our January/February issue, I’ll have a column dedicated to answering your questions. Tweet us @Shape_Magazine with #FITQ. Whether you’re in a motivation slump, in need of game-changing gear, or have a quirky Q about how the body works, I’m here to help you get an answer that will make your next sweat session a total success.

While you're thinking of questions to ask me, let me leave you with my top three tips for trying a new workout:

1. Buy one new thing. You’ve probably gone shopping for something to wear to your first day at that new job or before going on a date you’re excited about—so why not do the same thing before you try a different group fitness class or your first session with a new trainer?  Whether it’s a cute headband to tame your fly-aways, the latest Nike sneakers you’ve been drooling over, or a tech-y activity tracker to help you log your stats, upgrading your workout wardrobe with a new item can be just the motivation you need.

2. Make it public. Tweet to your followers that you’re going to try a rowing class tomorrow or text your best friend that you’ve got your first training session in the afternoon. Then, once you’ve done it, you can follow up with a message about what your favorite part was. Being accountable can help you stay on track.

3. Give it two chances. When it comes to fitness, my motto is: I’ll try anything twice. Say you went to CrossFit for the first time and hated it, it’s OK. But before you decide that it’s just not your thing, do a little research into finding another instructor at your box (that’s CrossFit-speak for gym) or another box entirely and give it one more shot. Still miserable? Move on to something else.

Can’t wait to get to know you all!

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