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Mensa's Getting into the Dating Biz, Why Luis Suarez Really Can't Stop Biting People, and a Weird Addiction


Another week, another eyebrow-raising story that's caught our attention and made us say, "What?!" This week's links roundup includes some strange World Cup news, an interesting new dating service, and the "perfect woman" according to E! network. 

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1. There's a reason Luis Suarez can't stop biting people. If you're a big World Cup fan, you've already seen that Urugauayan fútbol player Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in this week's game between the two countries (it was the bite that launched a thousand funny Twitter comments). And it's not the first time that Suarez has been caught biting opposing players. Science of Us called up Adam Naylor, a sports psychologist at Boston University, to get his take on the matter, and he says Suarez could have an impulse-control issue—the harder we try to control our impulses under stress, the tougher it gets, he explained. 

2. This is why The Notebook was terrible. Haters gonna hate, but it's true, and Time magazine knows it's true: The Notebook was predictable, cliche, and, most importantly, it holds up Noah and Allie's no-good, co-dependent, unhealthy relationship as the ultimate romantic situation that we should be looking for. 

3. Mensa's getting into the dating business. Are you smart enough for this new dating service? Mensa's teaming up with to bring you, a service which hopes to bring together "the most intelligent singles in the world." Only Mensa members will be allowed to join, so if you're part of the 98 percent of Americans who don't belong, I guess you're doomed to date dummies. 

4. It may be possible to be addicted to praise. Thanks in part to the proliferation of social media, experts say that more than ever, people—millenials in particular—are becoming addicted to praise. Apparenlty 20- and 30-somethings have been so accustomed to praise in the form of "likes" and comments on social media that "they've started to expect the same amount of validation offline too," Robert Leahy told

5. E! creates the perfect woman online. And we're a little disturbed, to say the least. To promote the network's new show, Botched, E! conducted an online poll asking readers which celebrity body parts they liked best. The perfect woman apparently has Carrie Underwood's hair, Mila Kunis' eyes, Jessica Alba's smile, Rihanna's abs, Blake Lively's legs, Gabrielle Union's arms, and Sofia Vergara's boobs. We think all of these women are beautiful—but we also think there's beauty in the fact that we all look different too. 


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