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The Most Expensive Cities to Date In

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Drinks, dinner, and a depleted bank account. While it’s no secret that a night out on the town isn’t exactly cheap, a recent survey conducted by Deutsche Bank found that just how much cash you (or your guy) will shell out on a Friday night has to do with where in the world you’re both living.

The survey, called “The Cheap Date Index” analyzed the cost of burgers, a movie ticket, a few beers, and a cab ride home across a variety of major global cities. The research found the most expensive date nights occur in London, where a typical evening will set you back the equivalent of $121. United States cities, as expected, skew toward the high end as well, with a night out in New York costing $93 and a night in Chicago costing $80. Meanwhile, the cheapest evening out can be found in Mumbai, where the same activities will cost just over $20. (Check out the full list of cities and date night prices here.)

Since it’s not exactly practical to jet around the world in search of a date night bargain, the best way to keep costs down as you and your guy grow closer is to come up with an itinerary that includes fun, free activities. And yes, it really is possibly to have a night out on the town that costs you nothing! Try this list of 40 free date ideas you'll both love for starters and pretty soon, you’ll have saved enough for the cost of a plane ticket!

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