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Most People Eat 92 Percent of What's on Their Plate


If you feel like you're alone in your propensity toward wiping your plate clean after every meal, think again. The average adult eats 92 percent of whatever he or she puts on their plate, according to a new Cornell University study.

The researchers analyzed 1,179 diners in eight developed countries, including the U.S., Canada, France, Taiwan, Korea, Finland, and the Netherlands and found nearly identical results across nationality and gender, Science Daily reports. Interestingly, this comes just a week after another study suggesting that women may become overweight for different reasons than men due to a specific food-related "learning deficit."   

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The study authors hope that this research will allow for better understanding of eating behavior and solutions to overeating. "Just knowing that you're likely to consume almost all of what you serve yourself can help you be more mindful of appropriate portion size," study author Brian Wansink Ph.D., professor of marketing and director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, tells Science Daily.

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