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The Most Popular Diets of 2012


The year is coming to a close, which only means one thing: The Google Zeitgeist 2012 results are in! What we are most interested in, of course, are the most popular diets of the year. The top ten, listed below, differ a lot by type, but most have a celebrity face associated with them. The most popular, though, left us stumped. Why would anyone think eating 12,000 calories a day was a good idea? Let's take a gander:

10. Marisa Miller Diet
Why it was so popular: Because she eats in the nude or maybe the fact that she's a gorgeous pregnant supermodel?
With a body fit enough to be a Victoria's Secret and a Sports Illustrated model, it's no wonder we are itching to know what her diet looks like. Especially since the now-pregnant model recently posed for Allure magazine, and, of course, looks incredible. Perhaps it's these photos or her confession to Women's Health magazine this year that eating in the nude is one of her stay-gorgeous tactics? Whatever it is, it's working. Check the seven daily habits she does to stay looking so smokin' !

9. Juicing Diet
Why it was so popular: Pre-made juice cleanses took off in popularity this year, as many celebs gave it the thumbs up
Controversial for its effectiveness (in fact, juicing might even lead to weight gain!), juicing has become ever more trendy this year, as celebrities (like all of these) jumped on the detox and bottled juice cleansing bandwagon. Even companies used the trend as a bonding tactic, as reported in this unforgettable New York Times piece from July. Lasting weight loss? Debatable. Cleanse your body? Perhaps.

8. Feeding Tube Diet
Why it was so popular: Extreme...and introduced to the U.S. this year
Just the sound of it makes us quiver (and kind of want to vom—ironic?). Said to help you shed 20 pounds in 10 days, it's become a fad of many brides looking to slim down quickly for the big day. A feeding tube is put into the nose and a constant slow drip of protein and fat, adding up to 800 calories a day, is pumped into the stomach. However, David Katz, M.D., obesity specialist from Yale University, said in an interview with ABC News, "There isn't even the hope that this would produce a lasting benefit."

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7. NV Diet Pill
Why it was so popular: A Hollywood craze, with celebrities Holly Madison and Carmen Electra talking it up
Madison supposedly lost a pant size in two weeks on these, and Electra is also a spokesperson for the brand. These pills contain hoodia gordonii, extracted from a plant of the same name, which is an appetite suppressant, and green tea extract, which has fat-burning qualities. But no studies have been conducted with the pills to prove their effects.

6. Miranda Kerr Diet
Why it was so popular: This Victoria's Secret beauty also earned the title of "Sexiest Woman Alive" from Esquire UK this year
She looked amazing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show earlier this month and now graces the December cover of Esquire UK as 2012's "Sexiest Woman Alive." How does she do it? She revealed to Harper's Bazaar in September that her family taught her the 80/20 rule, which means she focuses on healthy foods and being good 80 percent of the time, while allowing her to indulge 20 percent of the time. We like it. Bonus: See what the supermodel does to make herself feel sexiest.

5. Adriana Lima Diet
Why it was so popular: Her body debut at the VS Fashion Show after giving birth eight weeks before
On December 4, VS model Lima strutted her stuff down the runway and wowed audiences a mere two months after having daugher Sienna. We had a chance to get the exact details on just how she did it: Two- to three-hour gym sessions twice a day for five weeks is just the beginning. Read all about it here. But it definitely wasn't easy. She told CBS that her weight loss after baby was the "biggest challenge of [her] life."

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4. P.I.N.K. Method Diet
Why it was so popular: Dr. Phil featured it on his show last year
Short for Power, Intensity, Nutrition, and Kardio, the ever-popular diet (it was one of the most searched on Yahoo! last year too) is rooted in healthy eating plans and high-intensity workouts. It may just deserve the publicity: Since when did healthy eating and challenging workouts not work?

3. Raspberry Ketone Diet
Why it was so popular: Dr. Mehmet Oz shot this into stardom on his show
Dr. Oz proclaimed raspberry ketones the "number-one miracle in a bottle for burning your fat" on his show after an animal study conducted in Japan found that the pills had flab-melting effects. See Dr. Oz talk about it here.

2. Beyond Diet
Why it was so popular: New this year, it emphasizes quality over quantity of food
Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios co-founded the diet, which focuses on gluten-free foods that have a low glycemic index, meaning that don't cause a spike in glucose levels. Dieters are not supposed to count calories but change their focus to the certain types of foods they're eating and consume the foods that make their own bodies burn fat. The online community is a staple for this diet, which is recommended for effective for weight loss.

1. The Michael Phelps Diet
Why it was so popular: The 2012 Summer Olympics
Let's be clear: We hope no one was interested in Michael's diet for weight-loss purposes. In 2008, The New York Post reported that the Olympic athlete eats a mind-blowing 12,000 calories a day. Stop. Let that soak in for a second. But it did make sense that during the summer Olympics people were wondering how he feeds his six-pack abs. (Who wouldn't want his sexy physique?) Even though Men's Health reported that he's shaped up the quality of his calories, he still eats way more than the average male of his size. What everyone can take away from this? Do not eat like Michael Phelps unless you are…you guessed it, Michael Phelps.


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