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Motivation Monday: Start Your Week with Some Healthy Pinspiration


To kick off the week with a smile, I perused Pinterest for some fun and healthy inspirational quotes. I liked them so much that I had to share. Take a peek and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest @shapemagazine!

1. No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. I like to tell myself this one when I'm out running and get passed by, oh, I don't know, everyone else on the street!


2. You shape you. It is true that everything in life isn't in your control. But of the choices you do have, you'll feel better if you make the healthier ones!


3. You are not the enemy. Even on the days when it's hard to believe, give yourself a break. Almost nothing is so bad that it's worth beating yourself up over. People slip up. Acknowledge it, accept it, forgive yourself, and keep going.


4. The fitter you are, the hotter the sex will be. It's worth it to be healthy if for no other reason than it will heat up your sex life! Science says that the healthier and fitter you are, the more you enjoy sex—and everyone knows, you can't argue with science!


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