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New App Goes Grocery Shopping for You

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Let's face it, nobody has time to deal with long lines, overcrowded aisles, and grumpy cashiers at supermarkets. But now you may never need to grocery shop again.

The new grocery delivery app Instacart has only been around for about a month, but it's already making waves, and for good reason.

Instacart streamlines the process by letting you place an order for delivery from Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joe's and delivering it to you within an hour. What really sets Instacart apart from other delivery services is its speed, price, and transparency. There are other one-hour delivery systems, but many don't allow you to see which stores your products are coming from, and they're often super expensive. Instacart allows you to combine items from all three stores, and it follows up your order placement with a call from one of the brand's personal shoppers.

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Currently the service is only available in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, D.C., Philadelphia, Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn, with plans to further expand. However, the app's founder, Apoorva Mehta, told BetaBeat he's seeing a "huge demand" for the service, which makes us hope that soon this could become a national trend.

For those healthy shoppers not in New York City, you're not out of options yet. Grocery delivery systems and apps have been popping up all over the East coast (think Urban Grocery in D.C. and Peapod in Connecticut, D.C., and Maryland) and they're cropping up in L.A. (SPUD). Even Amazon, Walmart, and Safeway are getting in on the action—all three have or are in the process of developing their own delivery system. Who knows? Soon enough, grocery stores may be a thing of the past!


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