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New Avocado Ale Sounds Like the Best Beer Ever

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You already know that avocados are a superfood— they're full of healthy, monounsaturated fats, high in potassium, and are delicious in everything from guacamole to salads to smoothies to toast. Basically, avocados are the best food ever (don't hate—you know I'm right!).

And pretty soon, you might drinking them in your beer. According to Time, Los Angeles-based company Angel City Brewery is introducing an avocado ale that includes everything you'd find in a guacamole, including cilantro. {tip}

You may be asking yourself, why? I say, why didn't someone think of this sooner? In a world of blueberry-, bacon-, and key lime-flavored beer, avocado ale will fit right in.

Although the beer's not yet available, a few lucky tasters will get to try it out when it debuts on August 24 at the brewery's inaugural Avocado Festival. For now, it will probably remain a local phenomenon, but who knows what will happen? Maybe it will be the next hit food craze to take over the world!

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