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This New HelloFlo Ad Might Be the Only Funny Thing About Getting Your Period


For as long as you can remember, your menstrual cycle has never had good timing. Somehow it always knows to show up on the day you wear white or leave for a beach vacation. But the worst timing offense might have been when you were a kid anxiously awaiting Aunt Flo's first arrival. If you were among the last of your BFFs to see red, then you'll get a kick out this new ad from HelloFlo, the same fem-care service company who brought you "Camp Gyno" last summer.

Aptly titled “Full Moon Party," you get to relive that unforgettably awkward coming-of-age moment young female tweens face during the tough transition from girl to woman. When the commercial's sassy main character, who's probably around 12 or 13 years old, is late to get her period, she opts to fake it by smearing glittery red nail polish (in the shape of Florida!) on a pad.

Of course, Mom sees right through the adorable deceit. Rather than ground her for fibbing, she decides to teach her daughter a lesson by throwing her an embarrassing “first period” party featuring her friends, family, and even Mom's coworkers. Between having guests play hilarious games like “Pin the Pad on the Period” and “Bobbing for Ovaries," the young girl is so mortified that she finally 'fesses up and admits to lying about being on her “lady days.” The piece then perfectly segues to HelloFlo's “First Period Starter Kit,” which kinda makes you wish the cool care package were around when you were a kid. At least you can look forward to sharing it with your own daughter one day—that is, after you throw her a “Full Moon Party.”

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