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New PSA Encourages Women to Carry Condoms


Packing a rubber isn't just his responsibility anymore.

Thankfully some of you have already received the memo: About a third of women say they carry protection in their purse on their night out, reports a new survey from the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA), which just released a short and sweet PSA to empower more females to follow their lead.

In the 32-second clip titled “You Be the Influence," alcohol is poured into an empty martini glass in front of a stark white backdrop while a voice talks over the sounds of a bar scene and warns that drinking can lead to unsafe sex unless you come prepared. A hand then tops off the drink with a condom in place of a decorative lemon wedge on the edge of the glass.

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Considering that nearly 20 million new STI cases are reported each year and about 50 percent of all pregnancies are unintended, you might want to keep a condom—such as one of these four—handy. Check out the PSA here or watch it below, then spread the word to your girlfriends.


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