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New Tattoos Make a Beautiful Statement—Temporarily

Conscious Ink

When an email from Conscious Ink landed in our inboxes last week, we immediately obsessed over the brand’s temporary tattoos featuring inspirational sayings, words, and quotes. The company’s mission: to raise consciousness around the world, one inked (if only briefly) body at a time.

With phrases like “Follow Your Bliss,” “Be Present,” or simply “Breathe,” all artfully written in calligraphy or graphic stenciling, the tats are a safe, affordable (prices start at $2.50), and painless way to relay an empowering message to yourself and everyone you meet. Plus, they actually look real—not at all like those Cracker Jack tats of your childhood.

The designs will last from three to 10 days (excessive sweat and heat may shorten the time), so press one on before a yoga retreat, girls' beach trip, or any time you need to infuse a little more love into your life.

Check out a few of our favorite designs below, and head to Conscious Ink to see the rest of beautiful options. Which is your favorite? Comment below, or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.


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