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New Trend: Hand Lifts for Engagement Ring Selfies


First the bended knee, then the proposal, and finally the ring. You say yes, kiss, and then what? Snap a selfie to announce your good news to all your friends, of course!

These days the engagement-ring selfie on social media is just as much a tradition as something borrowed and something blue. How else can you show off your sparkler to your grandma, best friend from college, and the girl you met in yoga last week, all at the same time? Combine the ring selfie with every girl's desire to look beautiful for her wedding, and you have the newest bridal trend: the hand lift surgery. [Tweet this news!]

According to a recent news report, some brides are opting to use fillers and lasers to achieve plump, youthful-looking hands in all their wedding pictures. The procedure, called a "hand lift," costs around $1,200 and can make your hands look 10 years younger, says Ariel Ostad, M.D., of Total Skin Health in New York City. While the ring selfie angle is new, the hand lift procedure has been around for decades and is one of the simpler procedures when it comes to reducing the appearance of aging (it only takes 15 minutes), he says.

But between dress fittings, makeup, bridal boot camps, hair extensions, specialty cleanses, and mani-pedis, do brides really need one more thing to worry about looking perfect on their big day? They are, after all, just hands. We all have them, and as long as they can hold the bouquet without shaking, why subject them to surgery? 

"There is no greater tell-tale sign of aging than your hands," Ostad says. Add this to the demographic trend of women marrying at a later age, and he says you can see why the procedure has gotten so popular recently. 

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Shirley Madhere, M.D., a New York-based plastic surgeon adds that the selfie-driven plastic surgery trend is legit, saying that plastic surgery literature has noted an increase in cosmetic procedures related to social media. "There has been a spike in hand work perhaps due to the plethora of selfie photos of engagement rings on popular social media sites," she says. 

That said, there is a simpler fix: Pick some nice, soft lighting or apply a flattering Instagram filter and call it an instant hand lift. We're willing to bet that come the big moment, no one is going to be looking at your hands anyhow!

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