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New Year’s Eve Beauty: Wear Glitter!


New Year’s Eve is all about getting glitzy and glamorous in an outfit that makes you feel sexy and having a hot guy to smooch at midnight. We can’t help you with the man, but we can help you add some sparkle to your look to attract attention—without making everyone think you’re dressed as the ball they drop in Times Square.

The key is to pick one area to highlight. “Too much shimmer can look tacky, so if your eyes are glitzed out, then keep your lips muted, and vice versa,” says New York-based makeup artist Heather Adessa.

Decide where you want to add shimmer and follow these easy steps to ring in 2013 in gorgeous fashion.

Prep your pucker by exfoliating with a lip sugar scrub or toothbrush and some water, says Ohio-based makeup artist Dresden Buras, and then follow with lip balm to hydrate before you slick on shimmery gloss. “Glitter won’t adhere if your lips aren’t moisturized enough,” she says.

DIY: Try mixing silver or gold makeup glitter (such as Make Up For Ever Glitters) with your favorite red gloss in a soda or water bottle cap, then apply with a lip brush or your fingertips, says New York-based makeup artist J Guerra.

For peepers that pop like a champagne cork, watch this tutorial from Glam Fairy Jessica from the Style Network.

Skip the hose and apply dry shimmer oil on the bony part of your shins, suggests LeAura Luciano, makeup artist for Zoe Saldana. “This red-carpet trick draws the eye to the leanest part of your leg,” she says. You can also spray the oil on your arms and décolletage, just be sure to wash your hands afterward, as the product has a tendency to get trapped between fingers—not the place you want people focusing on per se.

DIY: If you’d rather go for all-out glitz, mix glitter from a craft store into your favorite body lotion or aloe vera and rub it on your arms, legs, shoulders, and collarbones for a radiant look, Guerra says. Fair and medium skin tones tend to look best with silver glitter, while medium to dark tones look best with gold.

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For strands that sparkle, a hair shimmer spray is the way to go, Adessa says. “It adds enough luster to make it noticeable, but not too much where it looks like you dumped glitter on your hair.”

If you’re not feeling bold enough to spritz your entire main, focus on the hairs that frame your face for subtle shine. Buras suggests leaving those strands out of your up (or down) ‘do and only spraying them for a brightening effect, while Luciano likes to use a fine-tooth comb: “Spray it with a little shimmer product and apply sparingly to the pieces of your hair around your face so the light catches it while you move throughout the night,” she says.

DIY: Dip a fine-tooth comb in hair gel mixed with craft store glitter and apply to your hair, or take a few dabs on your fingertips and run your hands throughout dry hair, Luciano suggests.


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