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Nike Redefines "Just Do It" for 25th Anniversary


If you weren't afraid to push yourself, what would you do? Run a marathon? Complete a triathlon? Hike up the world's tallest mountain? Run with bulls? Go head-to-head with your biggest enemy?

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the company's iconic slogan, Nike is redefining what it means to "just do it," and they want you to do the same. As Adweek describes it, the sportswear company and ad agency Weiden + Kennedy came up with a 90-second, celebrity-filled ad that moves fluidly from one scene to the next. Simultaneously "new and old," it suggests that no matter your athletic prowess, endeavor, or limits, you can push yourself further than you ever thought possible. In need of some movitation, fitness or otherwise? This video will seriously leave you clamoring to set a new goal—and then blow it away. What better inspiration than that?

If none of the above interests you, you should watch the ad for no other reason than Bradley Cooper narrates it. (Really, do you need a better reason than that?) Then tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine: What's your new goal?



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