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No More Manic Mondays: Have a Stress-Free Week


With the recent news that Americans are more stressed out than ever, we're not surprised to see statistics that show that stress peaks during January, May, and August. These three months have one thing in common--they center around key events, like the new year, the end of the school year, and the beginning of the school year. In fact, Yahoo! trends show that this month alone, Internet searches for "stress management tips" are up 709 percent. People are also searching Yahoo! for "natural stress relief" and "anxiety medications," and 68 percent of the people searching are women. Needless to say, people are stressed out!

While most people get stressed at some point in their lives, if you've been experiencing jaw pain, constant headaches, back pain, fatigue, irritability, and more, your stress may be taking a physical toll on your body. More worrying than that is the fact that being in a constant state of stress can actually kill your brain cells. True story!

Try these expert tips today to get a great start to your week—you'll be healthier, happier, and more productive!

1. Drink tea: "Chamomile tea is a gentle relaxant that acts as a nerve tonic and a sleeping aid," therapy practitioner Maraux J Rathbun tells SHAPE. "If you experience a long day and can't seem to calm down, brew yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea with some added honey for a boost of nutrients."

2. Try a different workout: While working out is great for you, in some instances it can actually cause a stress reaction in your body. So if you're already feeling tense, try an invigorating workout that's also gentle, such as NIA, Tai Chi, or Qui Gong.

3. Make a to-do list: There's almost nothing more stressful than feeling unprepared at work! If you find that knot in your stomach is work-related, try taking a few minutes each day before you leave the office to make a to-do list and prioritize your most important tasks for the next morning, suggests Mona Lisa Schulz, author of The New Feminine Brain.



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