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Older Millionaires Have More Sex Than Younger Ones

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Millionaires over the age of 65 are "truly living the dream when it comes to sex," according to a new survey. Well that's a relief. I was really worried about the state of millionaires in this country, you know, and in particular their sex lives. 

The survey, which was done by, a dating site geared toward—you guessed it—millionaires, also suggested that the reason younger millionaires aren't twisting the sheets as often is because they're more focused on making money and "building their empire."

According to Darren Shuster, a PR rep for the site, male millionaires over 45 are having enough sex for everyone: Seventy-nine percent of them reported having sex more than four times a week, while 26 percent of younger male millionaires are getting it on this often. Only 12 percent of older millionaires (45-plus) reported having a less active sex life than the whipper-snappers.

One older millionaire surveyed commented, "I could have sex every night if I wanted to. It's easy to walk into a nice place and meet a beautiful woman who's available." Another said, "I'm living with someone at the moment and I never know what's on the agenda, sexually." Wow. Lucky guys.

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In contrast, Shuster says that younger wealthy men are "planning for the future. They want the cars, the money, and the nice house so that they can attract the women they want." No word on what kind of woman that actually is, but I guess she has a lot to look forward to? Whatever the case, it seems age really is just a number when it comes to sex.


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