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One Man Hopes to Change the Healthy Food Community, Why Your Brain Loves Junk Food, and the FDA Just Approved the First Personal Robotic Exoskeleton

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Happy Wednesday! Before you head off for the long weekend, check out this week's top news, including FDA approval of a life-changing product, a reason why you should get up and take a quick walk, and a

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1. Robots are almost upon us. Just kidding, but the FDA did approve the Israeli ReWalk, the world's first personal robotic exoskeleton, for use in the U.S. market. Designed by Amit Goffer, the ReWalk aims to give people who have suffered severe spinal cord injuries the freedom to walk again. Unlike similar products, it doesn't do the walking for you but instead allows users to be in full control of the skeleton. 

2. Americans throw away a lot of misshapen produce. And in a country where 48 million people lack reliable access to fresh, healthy food, one man is trying to change that. Doug Rauch, a former president of the Trader Joe's Company, is launching Daily Table, a grocery store in the low-income Boston neighborhood of Roxbury, where he plans on salvaging the food that big grocery chains throw away and selling it to consumers who otherwise wouldn't have access to it. 

3. We also love fast food. Consumer Reports released its latest survey on the best and worst fast food in the U.S. Not only are Americans spending more money than ever dining out—topping $680 billion per yearbut they're eating more "high-quality" fast food from chains such as Panera, Chipotle, and Noodles and Co., while eschewing burger joints like McDonald's, Burger King, or KFC. Readers told CR that quality of food matters above all else, which may help explain why higher-quality places that are more transparent about their business practices and where they source their ingredients, and those who offer more variety are winning out over the traditional places. 

4. Less sleep may cause your brain to age faster. You know that a lack of sleep can screw with your hormones and cravings, but now researchers have found that those who get fewer than seven hours of sleep per night may experience a faster decline in cognitive brain function than those who don't. Granted, the study was done in eldery volunteers, but if nothing else, now you have an excuse to hit snooze on your alarm tomorrow morning. 

5. Your brain loves junk food and shopping. And is really bad at remembering what you ate for lunch yesterday. According to Science of Us, researchers have determined that it's hard for us to remember anything in an objective manner, and that for some individuals, "memories of the past may change depending on what's happening in the present." In other words, we often forget what we did yesterday, thus making it easier to justify our bad habits (such as hitting up your local pizzeria for lunch every day).


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