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One Pink Ribbon Message That Needs More Attention


October is the month we have visions of pink ribbons dancing in our heads. Organizations, patients, family members, and friends collaborate to "hear it for the girls," think pink, and celebrate breast cancer survivors to encourage females everywhere to get a mammogram or a do a simple self breast exam, hoping to save another life.

But there is one part of the breast cancer community that doesn't have such an optimistic outlook. Metastatic breast cancer, or advanced breast cancer, affects 150,000 women with 40,000 more women diagnosed this year. Sadly most of these patients will live less than five years.

On October 13, this community covenes to recognize Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Because this often overlooked group needs more support, Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, has formed an advanced breast cancer program called Count Us, Know Us, Join Us. This resource contains vital information for patients or those who think they could be at risk. And perhaps most importantly, it provides a community where patients can connect and feel a that they are not alone in their journey with advanced breast cancer.

When your outlook is grim, there is nothing more important than a strong, supportive network, so take some time on October 13 to let the women living with this progressive disease know you care.

And then read up on what every woman should know about breast cancer and do a quick exam on yourself today. It could save your life.



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