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Powdered Alcohol Accidentally Gets Approved by TTB


Tired of paying $12 for a cloyingly sweet cocktail made with bottom-shelf liquor? Sick of dropping $20 on a watery beer at a basketball game or concert? Of course you are. Well, the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax, and Trade Bureau (TTB) may have just solved all your problems: It just approved Palcohol, a powdered alcoholic drink mix for sale and distribution. Now you can take your booze to go! 

But don't rush out to the store and stock up just yet: The agency also says that the approval was made in error, and that approval was only for the label, not the product itself. Palcohol's parent company, Lipsmark, told USA Today that it has surrendered all approvals to TTB. 

I'm kind of curious to see how a government agency makes a mistake like that. Presumably, products have to go through layers of people and approvals (because Palcohol contains alcohol, it only filters through TTB, not the FDA), so a mistake of this magnitude seems suspect. You know what? On second thought, I don't want to know how a mistake like that gets made.

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You may have to put your powdered booze-filled dreams on hold for now, but Lipsmark plans to resubmit Palcohol for approval, so you may see powdered margs, martinis, and other cocktails on the shelves yet. 

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