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Red Wine May Prevent Cavities

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If you pick pinot grigio over pinot noir for fear of staining your smile, you may want to reconsider your vino. A new study says red's the way to go to protect your pearly whites.

Cavities and decay happen when bacteria in the mouth bonds together and forms biofilms, which are communities of bacteria that are more difficult to kill. These biofilms create plaque and release acid, and unfortunately brushing and fluoride rinses can only take care of a limited amount of bacterial plaque.

When researchers placed biofilms in red wine (regular and alcohol-free), they found that it combatted the bacteria better than ethanol, an ingredient of wine and known antibacterial. The scientists say polyphenols in wine block bad bacteria from sticking to our teeth, while allowing the good bacteria in our mouths to thrive.

The key, like in drinking wine for other health benefits, is moderation. We wouldn’t go as far as replacing our mouthwash with red wine, but we’ll definitely be having a glass with dinner.


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