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Runner Makes Drawings with Nike+ Map

@clairewyck via Instagram

Don't be fooled by all those pretty pictures on Instagram: Running isn't always bounding through fields of flowers in the sunshine. Even (especially?) the most seasoned runners know that sometimes running is hard, lonely, long and, well, boring. From audiobooks to special playlists to running groups, people have lots of different ways of spicing up their workouts. But when Claire Wyckoff got bored she got creative. Really creative.

Using just her impressive spacial skills and her Nike Running app, Claire started running routes that made pictures when mapped out at the end of her workout which she then posted to her Tumblr Running Drawing. At first, she started out simple with a corgi puppy-shaped run. But then she started working up to more complex—and entertaining!—shapes. She's done a 5.59 mile run that ended up drawing a perfect alien from the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders and a 4.2 mile run that traced out Slimer from Ghost Busters (complete with those creepy eyes!).  

But things don't always go quite as planned. A 3.5 miler that was supposed to be the head of George Washington (because...?) ended up more like a Mennonite woman's head with a bonnet. Or maybe a pilgrim. Then her sister asked her to run-draw her name. Instead, Claire writes, "We did her one better: we ran a stripper on a pole. It was 4.5 miles but well worth it for family." but the drawings she's become most Internet-famous for however are a little more... anatomical? Her most common run-draws are different versions of the male member. And let's just say these dudes aren't lacking for size or length—one is a very impressive Mr. Big five miles.

Runners, as a group, are generally amazing people to begin with, but nothing is better than a runner with a sense of humor. Maybe if we're really lucky Claire will do a run-drawing for us? 


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