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Say Hello to Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch

If you’re like 53 percent of women, you use a vibe. And like 76 percent of those women, you use it with your guy—and know that while the idea is a good one (duh, clitoral stimulation = orgasm for so many of us), it can be difficult to nail the execution: You’re limited to certain positions (and good luck not losing your vibrator if you decide you want to take over and be on top), whoever’s holding the toy therefore has one less hand to roam the other’s body (or balance, at times), and if you both want to go hands-free, you need the perfect-sized vibrator and the perfect position. Gee, why didn’t you climax last time you tried this?

Leave it to always-innovative Jimmyjane to find a solution. Their new Hello Touch ($65, batteries included, vibrator may look more like a lie detector than the vibes you’re used to, but its design is due in part to the fact that 87 percent of women masturbate with their hands. “Our process began with the simple observation that the most natural way for us to explore and connect is with our hands,” says Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane. “We set out to design a vibrator that would be a natural extension of these intuitions—a vibrator that would adapt to us, rather than requiring us to adapt to it.”

You (or he) slide the battery pack into the wristband’s pocket and put the band on your arm.  A wire coming from the battery pack attaches to two ultra-compact vibration pods that take up one third the volume of most common fingertip vibes, yet pack three times the power.

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The vibration points can be used anywhere on your bodies and worn in many ways to create, well, handcrafted pleasure. Use them on the front of your fingertips for direct contact, or turn them to the back to expose your fingertips for increased tactile feedback. Although most women will probably wear them on their fingertips, he can put them on his thumb and pointer finger to target your g-spot (yep, they’re safe for internal and external stimulation) and clitoris at the same time.

They’re also waterproof and phthalate-free, and the tiny square travel case makes this super discreet to take through airport security—perfect for any last-minute couples getaways.

And if you've thought about using a vibrator together but have been hesitant to suggest it to him, introduce him to the Hello Touch. "Rather than intimidating or alienating your partner, it gives him superpowers," Imboden says. And what man wouldn't want superpowers?


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