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Scooby-Doo Movie "Curses" Daphne By Making Her Fat

Hanna Barbera

Scooby-Doo just made a big Scooby-Don't.

Normally, we don't tune into cartoons (unless it's Frozen), but this one recently caught our attention: In the long-running animated franchise's newest direct-to-video film Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy, one of the main characters, Daphne, confronts an evil villain in cracked full-length mirrors that reveal a ballooned version of her svelte self. The sight is so horrific and devastating that she collapses to the ground in tears. Then she says, “Is this why I have lost my looks? Because I'm cursed?!”

If this faulty plot line sounds familiar, you probably recognize it from your own childhood when kid shows were way less politically correct than they are now. When I first watched the clip, which you can see on, it was neither surprising nor shocking. If anything, it just felt dated. And who knows, maybe it is? This Hanna-Barbera production about teens solving super-natural mysteries has been entertaining little ones since 1969, so it very well could be a recycled concept from its past.

Even if it were a minor oversight from the Scooby-Doo writing staff, the message about the only way to attack someone's vanity is to make them fat is no doubt deplorable. Did these writers miss all the “big is beautiful” campaigns of the last decade, like the Dove ads? What about the cover of Elle featuring Melissa McCarthy and, of course, all the social media selfies from the voluptuous Kim Kardashian? Gaining weight is not synonymous with losing your looks, as Daphne puts it. Bad for your health when extreme, yes. Unattractive, no.

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Also it's worth noting that Daphne's heavier self is still a cutie. Girl just needs a comb, maybe a straightener, and a better outfit. With the right dress to fit her new curvy body, she could look amazing. And she could probably just reverse the spell if she were to follow some of's top advice, workouts, and eat-right plans for a bit. So really the curse is just a The Biggest Loser challenge in disguise. And besides, it's not like the evil villain gave her horns or made her green—now that would suck.

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