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See the $2 Nail Polish That Beat a $27 Chanel One!

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With a designer label, comes a better product, right? Not according to a new Consumer Reports test. When the mag put seven different nail polishes to the test, the $2 drugstore brand Sinful Colors lasted the longest—outperforming Covergirl and Sally Hansen options, as well as the pricey $27 Chanel Le Vernis (it even sounds expensive)!

For the test, the mag hired a professional manicurist to give 10 volunteers manicures, and each volunteer wore two different polishes at the same time—each on every other nail. If a specific product required a base or top coat, those were applied. Then, the test team analyzed the manicures at day seven, day 10, and day 14. Sinful Colors—as well as CND Vinylux and Revlon—looked "very good" at day seven, and "good" at day 10. What about Chanel? Four of 10 testers reported that the polish chipped the very day they applied it!

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In a statement to ABC News, a Chanel spokeswoman said that Le Vernis is "designed to find the optimum balance between color, shine, lacquered effect, lasting hold, speed of drying, and nail hydration and protection." The statement also read: "These qualities are widely recognized and appreciated by our customers, as can be seen from the success of the Le Vernis range. There is therefore more to Le Vernis de Chanel than just lasting hold."

We're all for splurging on a big buy every now and then (though this is making us seriously question some other big-name purchases), but a $2 manicure?! Are we the only ones stopping at CVS on the way home from work? Okay, really it totals to $10 if you include the base and top coat (to make you feel better, the Chanel option rings up at $52 for the whole package). 

Are there any other drugstore beauty brands you swear by? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine. (And to see how all of the other polishes tested stacked up, click here.)


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