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Sex Toy Called Gaga Looks for STIs


If you're hoping for some more—er—bang for your buck out of your next sex toy, you might want to consider investing in the new vibrator that also allows you to perform personal check-ups.

Sex toy company Svakom has released the "Gaga," an "intelligent" vibrator with a light and built-in camera lens at the tip that allows you, or a parner, to get a better look at your most intimate parts. The new technology aims to help women self-inspect and watch for any changes that could indicate a health problem or STI, Daily Mail reports.

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We applaud their goal of helping to keep women safe, but we think we'll keep our gyno visits on the calendar, especially after the recent finding that breast self exams don't work. Not to mention, doesn't this kind of sound like the least sexy thing ever?

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