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SHAPE Shares: 5 Healthy Headlines You Need to Read


Did you hear the latest anti-aging secret? The one you're (likely) already doing? Well, read on because we've got that and more in our roundup of the most interesting, important, or water-cooler gossip-worthy health-related news this week. Scroll down to read below, then tell us: What did we miss? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine or let us know in the comments below!

1. Healthy living may actually reverse aging. Although we've long since suspected that living it up the healthy way can help you live longer, a new 5-year study is the first of its kind to suggest that a plant-based diet, stress-free life, and other positive lifestyle changes may not only prolong longevity but also reverse aging at the cellular level. As Time magazine is reporting, "it's not quite the fountain of youth, but it may be the river that leads to it!"

2. One yoga instructor gained 40 pounds—on purpose. In an attempt to explore her own insecurities, Dallas yoga instructor Trina Hall gained 40 pounds. The response was mostly positive, she told U.S. News and World Report, but she learned a lot about herself, empowerment, and how society reacts to those who don't fit the perceived accepted mold. Read more about her experiment here.

3. You could get paid to lose weight. Fitness guru Jillian Michaels is challenging her followers to lose weight—and if you do, you could win moolah! The challenge starts September 24, so click here for more details and to sign up!

4. Some people get cold sores; others don't. File this one away in case you never need an interesting conversation ice-breaker: While it's estimated that 90 percent of the world's population carries the cold sore virus, only about 1 in 5 people actually develop cold sores. Now a new study suggests that a gene mutation may explain why some people are more prone to developing these itchy, uncomfortable sores. Huffington Post is reporting that researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that a mutation on the IL28b gene makes it so the body's immune system is not able to prevent the herpes simplex virus type 1—which triggers cold sores—from becoming active, thereby causing a cold sore to develop. The more you know!

5. A Brooklyn restaurant banned talking. Eat—an upscale locale in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that serves organic food—hosted its first-ever "silent dinner," serving a $40 four-course meal to 17 patrons. The only stipulation? They couldn't talk. At all. Nick Nauman, the manager, told Yahoo! Shine that this was an idea that had been nagging at him ever since he visited a monastery that served a silent breakfast every day. "The purpose was to teach people to focus on the taste, texture, and nutritional value of the food," he said. While the silent dinner remains an experiment for the restaurant, Nauman says he hopes to make them a more regular occurrence. Since I'm the kind of person who giggles randomly at the most inappropriate times, I should probably never go there.


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