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SHAPE Shares: 5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself this Valentine's Day


Whether you're coupled up, single, anti-relationships, or just excited for the excuse to stock up on half-price chocolate the day after (who will be doing that? This girl right here!), Valentine's Day is a great way to take a few moments and indulge in one of these moves.

1. Have a glass of wine. Red wine is perfect for Valentine's Day, and red blends are hot right now. Enjoy a glass for its heart-health benefits (enjoy a second one just for you). These four red wine blends are affordable and make great pairings for dinner or dessert. If you're not a wine drinker, try one of these low-cal, light love potions instead.

2. Savor some healthy chocolate. What's Valentine's Day without chocolate? Cliché, we know, but chocolate is just so delicious! These oh-so-decadent desserts taste so good you won't believe they're good for you, too.

3. Splurge on an upscale dinner. Be your own date this February 14! These swanky upscale vegan restaurants are so good, even meat-eaters will love them. Some are a little pricy, but the Instagram-worthy meals made by some of the country's top chefs make this money well spent.

4. Go on an unexpected date. Take a salsa dancing class, volunteer for a good cause, or try a wine and painting class. Not your thing? Check out our full list of Valentine's Day date ideas—they're great for couples, groups, and parties of one.

5. Banish the negative self-talk. Much easier said than done, but if there was ever a day to give yourself a little love, Valentine's Day is it. Whether you're struggling with weight loss or not, try to take a moment and really listen to the things you tell yourself. Then check out this expert advice on how to change the language you use and increase your quality of life today.


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