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SHAPE Shares: The Best Photos We've Seen This Week

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Time magazine recently released a list of the best photojournalism stories written this August. The list includes some incredible photos from around the world, so in that same vein, we thought we'd round up some of the best photos we've seen on the web this week.

Check out our five fave pix, then tell us: What did we miss? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine or let us know in the comments below.

1. Usain Bolt with a lightning bolt. AFP photographer Olivier Martin snapped this photo of Usain Bolt crossing the finish line in first place in the 100-meter dash as a bolt of lightning flashes in the background last weekend at the track and field world championships in Moscow. "This was, I think, a once-in-a-lifetime moment," Martin wrote on his AFP blog. "In my 25 years as a photographer I’ve never had an uncontrollable external element make a photo like this, and I imagine if I tried again for a similar result for the next 50 years, it wouldn’t happen again. So I only really give myself credit for one percent of this picture!"

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2. A great-grandmother holding hands with her great-grandchild. An Imgur user posted a photo of her 98-year-old great-grandmother holding hands with her infant great-grandchild with the caption, "“My grandma ma [sic] passed away this week, I took this shot a couple of weeks before. There are 98 years between them.”

3. Sunsets on Instagram. Because what is Instagram for, if not for unloading all those photos of sunsets, food, and selfies? Bonus: Learn why yours never come out quite right and get tips on how to perfect them so that you can snap away with ease the next time you find yourself blinded by that gorgeous orange ball in the sky.

4. A Ryan Gosling Chrome extension. Is there such a thing as too much Ryan Gosling? Will we soon reach the Ryan Gosling tipping point? JK, that could never happen. If you need more Gosling in your life, download this new Chrome extension called "Hey Girl" that will replace all the photos on the web with pictures of the 32-year-old stunner. Twenty-five-year-old creator Katherine Champagne came up with the idea in a web developer workshop she was taking and created it as a joke for a fellow classmate (the original one focused on Channing Tatum). When her instructor pushed her to develop something further, she began using JavaScript to manipulate live images.
“I started working on it and I changed the Channing Tatum photos to Ryan Gosling,” she told ABC News. “Because, duh, it’s the Internet.”

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5. Court-to-couture looks from Maria Sharapova. Russian tennis champ and SHAPE cover model Maria Sharapova serves up plenty of style inspiration, both on and off the court. Check out the photos of her most stylish ensembles throughout the years, then, shop our shoot with these options that include all price points.


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