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SHAPE Shares: Broken Bones, STDS, and More Stories We're Reading This Week


Gather around, dear readers! It's Wednesday, which means it's time for another roundup of the biggest, most buzzworthy headlines we've seen all week. Here are five stories we've got our eye on right now.

1. Kevin Ware's awful accident. The Internet's been buzzing about the horrific break University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered on Sunday during the NCAA game against Duke University. While Ware is a young, healthy player who may be able to play basketball again, some experts speculate that an underlying condition such as a stress fracture, a vitamin D deficiency (which tends to be common in the Midwest), or inherent weakness in his bone could have caused his tibia to break.

2. Lying to your S.O. could benefit your relationship. Does your husband really need to know what you spent on that pair of shoes or that you have a crush on the cute new guy in your office? Maybe not, according to the latest research. It turns out that "buffering," or hiding something to protect your spouse or to keep the peace could actually benefit your relationship. While experts stress that you should never lie about topics such as financial mismanagement, marital infidelity, or addiction, doing a cost-benefit analysis of the situation could help you decide whether you should tell your spouse. Will the information you want to disclose only hurt him or her? If the answer is yes, it may be better left unsaid.

3. Barbie got a makeunder. And surprise, surprise, people hate it. Some people say she looks ill; we say, she looks like a normal, everyday woman waking up after a (very) long night. What's your take?

4. You may want to think twice before getting that bikini wax. A new French study suggests that there may be an association between hair removal and molluscum contagiosum, a the sexually transmitted infection that causes raised bumps or growths.

5. The most annoying pieces of "fitspiraton" we've seen on Pinterest. Okay, this isn't news, per se, but it made us chuckle. We love "fitspiration" as much as anyone else, but maybe it's going a little too far.


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