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SHAPE Shares: Donuts, Doctors, and More Healthy Living News


From Michael Douglas getting up close and personal about throat cancer to doctors broaching the topic of fertility and age with female patients, it's been a revealing week in the healthy living world. Read on for five important stories.

1. Michael Douglas' cancer story goes viral. Last week, when Michael Douglas reportedly told U.K. newspaper The Guardian that oral sex caused the strand of HPV that later led to his throat cancer, the Internet basically exploded. Although his cancer has largely been attributed to the years that Douglas spent smoking, the 68-year-old actor said, "Without wanting to get into the specifics, this particular cancer is caused by by HPV, which comes about from cunnilingus."

2. Vegetarians may live longer than meat-eaters. A recently published study that examined the health records of 73,308 people found that in the course of six years, vegetarians were 12 percent less likely to die of any cause than people who ate meat more than once a week. While this doesn't prove that vegetarians actually live longer than meat-eaters (the subjects have to be studied for a longer period of time), the study authors speculate that vegetarians could have experienced fewer life-threatening health problems because they consumed less saturated fat and ate more fiber, two factors which are known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. More doctors are broaching the issue of fertility. As more and more women push back motherhood and parenting, doctors are trying to make talking about fertility as routine as talking about contraception. While it's a hard subject to bring up, it's important for women to understand all their options, doctors say.

4. Runners might have more sex. According to a survey from Brooks Running Company, 66 percent of runners believe they get busy more when they run with their significant other. Since today is National Running Day, why not grab your S.O. and hit the pavement? (Hey, it certainly couldn't hurt!)

5. Dunkin Donuts added a donut breakfast sandwich to its menu. And, the most surprising thing about it is that the sandwich—which consists of two slices of bacon and an egg sandwiched between a glazed donut—apparently clocks in at just 360 calories—30 calories less than the chain's turkey-sausage-and-egg-white sandwich, which incidentally is angled toward healthier eaters. Feeling a little skeptical, we took this claim to SHAPE Diet Doctor Mike Roussell, Ph.D., who says when he calculated it (using nutritionals provided by DD), he got a total of 420 calories. "Maybe they're using smaller donuts?" he says. "But my numbers don't add up to 360."


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