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Shape Shares: Exercise Can Prevent Wrinkles


What healthy headlines are you reading this week? We've got the latest in research, including a surprising benefit of exercise, Walmart's newest food-related venture, and a tiny fashion gaffe from a major royal figure—keep scrolling to read on!

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1. Younger skin through exercise? Put down the fancy anti-aging retinoids! A surprising new study suggests that working out may reverse skin aging, even in people who start exercising late in life. After obtaining skin samples, researchers examined a group of sedentary adults and had them start a moderate exercise program where they jogged or cycled for 30 minutes twice a week for three months. At the end, the researchers biopsied more skin samples and discovered that both the inner and outer layers of skin looked remarkably similar to those of healthy 20-to-40-year-olds. 

2. You can't tell when someone's lying. Bad news bears: You're not as good at reading people as you thought you were. The "classic signs" of lying—fidgeting, looking to the left, change in posture—are false, a new study suggests. Surprisingly, researchers say nonverbal evidence is not a good indication of whether someone is either lying or telling the truth. 

3. Walmart goes organic! The retail giant just announced that it will begin carrying organic food products from Wild Oats—and at a 25-percent cheaper price than its competitors. By ruthlessly lowering prices, Walmart is hoping to help organic food grow, Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of grocery at Walmart, told Time magazine

4. New HPV test causes controversy. Just a few months ago, the new Roche test was hailed as a safe, effective replacement for the pap smear. Now, some doctors and advocate groups warn that the DNA-based Roche test could lead to higher medical costs, confusion, and overtreatment for patients who don't actually need it. We guess time will tell.

5. Prince William gives Kate Middleton fashion advice. Not health-related, but a little bit funny: Although we think the Duchess of Cambridge looked fabulous in the yellow knee-length Roksanda Ilincic dress she wore upon the royal duo's arrival to Sydney this week, William apparently doesn't share our view: Middleton told Marie Claire U.K. that William said she "looked like a banana" in the dress. That's way harsh, Will. 


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