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SHAPE Shares: Happy Easter!


Easter Sunday is this weekend, and what better way to celebrate our transition from winter to spring than by enjoying a happy, healthy holiday weekend with your friends and family? Here are five easy and fun ways to celebrate:

1. Make vegan candy. At 30 calories a truffle, these dairy-free Cadbury Creme Eggs are a healthy, delicious way to get your chocolate fix for Easter without blowing your diet or feeling deprived.

2. Enjoy a "Peep"-show. Every year The Washington Post holds a "Peeps Show" contest wherein people send in photos of dioramas that depict Peeps in modern-day entertainment, political, or everyday scenes. Check out this year's standouts and then scroll through some of the previous years' winners.

3. But check the label before you pop a Peep in your mouth. Our SHAPE Diet Doctor did a little investigating into the ubiquitous treat. Learn the not-so-sweet truth to help you decide if you really want a marshmallow chick or bunny.

4. Load up on surprisingly healthy holiday foods. You may not realize it, but certain traditional Easter foods such as eggs, potatoes, parsley, and wine pack quite the health punch! You can feel virtuous adding these to your Sunday dinner.

5. Put a new spin on traditional Easter eggs. Dyeing eggs is one of those things that's fun no matter how old you are. While pastel colors are always "in" this time of year, take advantage of recent trends, such as ombre or the act of putting mustaches on everything, by adding a little extra flair to your eggs.


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