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SHAPE Shares: Hummus Is Taking Over the U.S.


This is exciting (and delicious) news: Hummus is growing in popularity in the U.S. While we've long been fans of this low-fat, high-protein Middle Eastern snack, it's only recently begun to conquer the rest of the country.

According to a Yahoo! article, more and more farmers in the heart of tobacco country are considering opening up their fields to chickpea crops in a move that reflects a growing demand for hummus. In fact, Sabra Dipping Co., one of the largest manufacturers of the creamy spread, is looking to cultivate a commercial crop in Virginia in an effort to reduce its dependence on chickpeas from the northwest region (in the event that there's ever a chickpea shortage, which we agree would be a horrible thing).

In the mood for some good-for-you hummus? Check out our favorite recipes below.

1. Walnut butter hummus. This zesty recipe from the editors at PopSugar Fitness includes chickpeas, orange juice, and walnut butter for a flavor that's too intriguing not to try.

2. White bean basil hummus. This lighter take on the traditional classic from our friends at Greatist uses white beans in place of chickpeas for an antioxidant boost.

3. Smoky chipotle hummus. This smoky and tangy recipe is perfect to take to any occasion, whether it be a sports event, barbecue, or backyard get-together, and it's made with ingredients you most likely already have on hand.

4. Red pepper hummus. Spice things up with this recipe—it uses red peppers, olives, and cayenne pepper sauce to provide a healthy snack with a kick!

5. Classic hummus. We call things classic for a reason! You can never go wrong with this traditional recipe that uses tahini, chickpeas, cumin, and a little bit of lemon for a satisfying, versatile snack. Use it in sandwiches, desserts, pasta dishes, or even cocktails!


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