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SHAPE Shares: Links We Love


Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the busy work week, so to celebrate I wanted to introduce our new weekly column, SHAPE Shares. As a web editor, I spend all day on the Internet, and I discover a lot of fun stories, pins, photo galleries, and more.

So every week, I'll be rounding up a few of our favorites and sharing them with you! Read on to see what we're loving this week.

1. The best yoga positions for office workers: Yes, please! After sitting at a computer all day, the worst feeling is standing up and sensing all the muscles in your back, hips, and shoulders tighten. That's why we love this piece on the best yoga poses for desk dwellers from FitSugar.

2. Nine ways to eat healthy on a budget: The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report last week predicting that food prices would continue to increase until about 2014. Awesome! (Not!) Luckily, the healthy living editors at Huffington Post put together a grocery shopping guide to help you keep the quality of your food up—and the bill down.

3. Chocolate-banana-quinoa breakfast yumminess: I love chocolate and I love quinoa, but I've never thought of combining them together—until now. This recipe from will be your new best friend: It'll keep you full, your blood sugar levels stable, and help your digestion.

4. Hotel photo fakeouts: Our friends at send investigators to hotels on all corners of the earth to bring you the most accurate, unbiased hotel reviews they can. Check out their slideshow that compares hotel website photos with photos taken by Oyster editors.

5. Dogs who can't get enough of summer: It's a little off-topic, but look how cute they are! Looking for ways to help your furry friend slim down? Try this seven-move workout you can do with your pet. We tried it, and it really works!


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