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Shape Shares: Simple Tips to Get Back on Track


Weeks of holiday cocktails and rich foods left your skinny jeans feeling a little tight? These simple tips from around the web will help you gain energy, slim down, and tone up fast. Get ready to start the new year feeling better than ever!

1. Burn major fat this week. Follow this training plan from FitSugar, and you can scorch more than 2,000 calories before New Year's Eve! What better way to start off 2013 than to absolutely rock that skintight dress hanging in your closet?

2. Stock your fridge with the essentials. There's nothing wrong with enjoying some leftovers, but to prevent an all-out midnight binge, make sure you stock your fridge with these 10 healthy picks. This way you'll be ready to whip up a guilt-free meal or snack in seconds.

3. Lay off the cocktails. Yes, they're tasty. But besides the inevitable hangover, too much alcohol isn't good for your skin or weight-loss progress. If you must indulge, try these low-cal bevvies, and make sure you double-fist with a glass of water.

4. Keep portion sizes in mind. Before you head out on New Year's Eve, check out this portion guide from Greatist. You don't have to give up your favorite finger foods, but these guidelines allow you to quickly eyeball the correct serving size of popular party foods.

5. Chill out. The holidays are almost over, which means now you're stuck with the credit card bills, leftover food, and relatives who just won't leave—and that can cause your stress level to skyrocket. Read these tips from Huffington Post Healthy Living on how to relax and enjoy what's left of the season.


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