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Shape Shares: Want to Be Healthier? Marry a Runner!


This week's top news features a Russian kale hybrid that's making the rounds in the food scene, a new surprising benefit of running, and another good reason to get off the couch and hit the pavement. Read up, then let us know what you think! We always love hearing from readers, so comment below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

1. Marrying a marathon runner could boost your health. A study published last month in BMJ Open has found that running doesn't necessarily benefit your heart as much as previously believed, but it may benefit your spouse. Researchers examined 42 marathon runners and their partners, and found that while the marathon runners were in considerably better shape than their partners (most of the partners only exercised twice a week or less), the partners were overall pretty healthy and walked or moved around more than most people. 

2. Obesity may increase your risk for ovarian cancer. We already know that obesity is costly in more than one way, but it may be even greater than we thought: A new study suggests that obese women are a greater risk for developing ovarian cancer than those who are a healthy weight. This is just one of a growing list of diseases and cancers that are linked to obesity. While researchers concluded that the increase was modest—a 5-point increase in BMI can increase the risk of ovarian cancer by 6 percent—we think this is just one more reason to maintain a healthy weight and fitness regime.

3. A battery-powered headband might help prevent migraines. The FDA is allowing the first device to treat migraines on the market this week. It will use a self-adhesive electrode to be positioned in the center of the forehead to target the trigeminal nerve, which is thought to be linked to migraines. Although there are a number of medications that treat migraines, many of them include severe side effects that people with certain conditions can't take, according to the American Headache Society. This should be a gentler, still-effective treatment option. 

4. That "First Kiss" video you saw? Was a clothing ad. Not that it's not still adorable! Just maybe a little less so. Regardless, the video has officially gone viral at 23 million views on YouTube since it was posted three days ago. Melissa Coker, founder of Wren, enlisted the help of some of her friends, as well as that of models and actresses ("Well, it is L.A.," she told Telegraph) to conceptualize the idea (all of the women in the video sport Wren clothing). 

5. Lollipop kale may be coming soon to a menu near you. Don't get too excited yet: It's supposedly a cross between Russian red kale and Brussels sprouts. The intrepid reporters at Grub Street did some digging and found that it's growing in popularity among chefs and foodies, but that it's also a very difficult and expensive crop to grow, so it's been popping up and then disappearing within the food scene (the "Bigfoot of the food community" is how Grub Street puts it)


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