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Shape Shares: Would You Work Out in a Heated Pod?

It's time for another news roundup. This week's includes more healthy reasons to eat strawberries, the newest in fitness and weight-loss trends, and a funny thing men are doing on social media.

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1. Heated workout pods are steaming up Los Angeles. Originally developed in Switzerland and then popularized in Argentina, Iobella is moving to California! What's Iobella? A new workout trend that involves Pilates-style moves in a heated glass pod to help you "melt" fat while you sculpt muscle. Some are skeptical of its claims, and so far the trend doesn't seem to have caught on nationwide, but who knows? Maybe it'll be the next CrossFit! [Tweet this fun fact!]

2. This chart will tell you how many calories are in your fave Starbucks drink. Did you know that a double chocolate chip frappucino is the caloric equivalent of 120 skittles? Or that a grande peppermint white mocha has as many calories as almost four cans of Coke? This handy little chart from blogger Ryoko of I Love Coffee illustrates in no uncertain terms just how much of a calorie bomb most of the brand's sugary drinks are. Suddenly plain black coffee or green tea aren't looking so bad...

3. Men are using social media to talk about their feelings. New research suggests there is one place men take to when they need to vent: Facebook! Turns out men are using Facebook and Twitter to talk about the things they ordinarily might not feel comfortable telling their families or friends. L.A.-based psychologist Seth Meyers says that one explanation could be that using social media to have a one-sided type of conversation offers most men the illusion of security, which is why they may choose to unload their feelings on social media rather than talk to their wives, friends, girlfriends, or family members.

4. Strawberries may lower your cholesterol. Here's a delicious reason to eat more strawberries: A new study that followed 23 volunteers for a month has found that 500 milligrams of strawberries daily may lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol. The researchers saw no difference in HDL (good) cholesterol. 

5. Former CNN anchor has his arm amputated after a freak accident. When Miles O'Brien dropped a piece of equipment on his arm, he thought nothing of it. "It hurt, but I wasn't all '911' about it," he wrote on his blog. "It was a little swollen, but I figured it'd be okay." When the injury swelled up the next day, O'Brien went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome, where an increase in pressure within an enclosed part of the body cuts off blood flow. After emergency surgery, wherein O'Brien's blood pressure dropped suddenly, his left arm had to be amputated above the elbow. "Life is all about playing the hand that is dealt to you. Actually, I would love for someone to deal me another hand right now—in more ways than one," he says.


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