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SHAPE Shares: Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide


Ahh, Thanksgiving. A day full of yummy food, gathering with your relatives, and all of those family traditions like playing football and watching the Macy's parade.

For all the upsides of the holiday, though, it can also be a day full of stress as you scramble to clean, cook, and make all of those relatives happy (even picky Aunt Jennifer).

If the thought of tomorrow has you already starting to worry, take a deep breath. We have you covered with these tips for traveling, fitting in your workout (which will help sweat out some of your anxiety), eating without ending up as stuffed as the turkey, and actually enjoying the holiday.

1. Have a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. We'd never tell you to avoid your favorite foods during the holidays, and these tips from our Diet Doctor will help you keep your portion sizes under control. If you're worried you won't be able to stop yourself from overeating your favorite foods, swap them out for healthier versions. Lastly, bookmark these delicious next-day recipes. Knowing you'll need leftovers to make them will make it easier to turn down seconds.

2. Get moving. Even a short workout will keep your energy up—and you're going to need a lot of energy to navigate the parties and stave off weight gain this holiday season! Try one of these quick workouts first thing in the morning to start your day off on a healthy note.

3. Ward off winter colds. It's cold and flu season, but don't worry: These tips from FitSugar will help you stay healthy even when your roommates or family members are coughing and sneezing nonstop. Additionally, try to maintain a positive attitude—new research shows it can have a powerful effect on the length of a cold.

4. Gear up to travel. Fly through security with these TSA-approved beauty products. Also take your own snacks and headphones, and pack bottled water and small packets of Emergen-C to minimize your risk of catching something mid-air.

5. Focus on the good. It's easy to harp on the things that go wrong, but feeling grateful for the positive aspects of your life can boost your mood, energy levels, and strengthen relationships with your loved ones. So take the holiday to heart and stop a second during the busy day to remember all the things you're thankful for.


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