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The Skinny on Skinnygirl


After watching cocktail mogul Bethenny Frankel bare her soul and details of her not-so-private life on reality TV over the past few years, it may not have been such a surprise when news of her divorce from pharmaceutical sales rep Jason Hoppy broke in December.

Frankel admitted recently to E! News, "I have a great life, I have a great daughter, I have good days and bad days." (Though the divorce could get interesting since, according to, both she and Hoppy have both sought primary custody of daughter Bryn.)

Professionally, however, things could not be going better. Skinnygirl is launching three new cocktails this month: A Moscato joins the wine lineup, the vodka line adds a white cherry version, and for the cocktails, there's now mojito, the "most requested cocktail from our fans," according to Megan Frank, director of Skinnygirl Cocktails. (Pile on the mint leaves as you would with a regular mojito to make this one super delish.)

Still want to know more about Frankel? Here are four things every Skinnygirl fan should know: 

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1. She flaunted her skinny-minnie bikini body while vacationing in Australia in February.
2. She's been veering off a her normally natural food diet lately, tweeting from her @Bethenny handle, "Chocolate, licorice, chips, martinis, cookies, cheese & crackers etc. Yay!" after jokingly tweeting that she should be called an "unnatural foods chef."
3. She has been in meetings to design the new studio for her talk show, which has been moved from L.A. to New York City.
4. Notoriously a yoga fanatic, she's also a fan of Tracy Anderson, tweeting recently "I gotta tell ya @tracyanderson I'm digging your workout."

The resilient lady seems to be managing the year quite well despite the personal speed bump, and we have faith she'll be just fine.


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