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Star-Studded PSA Aims to Stop Sexual Assault


As part of the Obama administration's new campaign against sexual assault, the White House released a new PSA on Tuesday—and it's not half bad! 

Unlike PSAs of campaigns past, this one doesn't focus on telling victims how to prevent sexual assault from happening to them; instead the video features Daniel Craig, Steve Carell, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers, Benicio del Toro, Joe Biden, and President Obama calling on men to take a stand against sexual assault and do something when they see it happening. The start of the campaign coincided with the formal unveiling of the first report from the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. 

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I have one problem with the campaign, however (you knew this was coming!). While I admire the Obama administration's efforts to reach out to men—this PSA is the second in the administration's 1 Is 2 Many Campaign, which focuses specifically on sexual violence against women—the phrase "it's happening to our sisters, and our daughters, and our wives, and our friends," rubs me the wrong way. Of course our experiences inform how we view people, but...sexual assault isn't bad solely because it can happen to your sister or your wife. It's bad because it's a crime against people (most often, though not always, women). Every woman isn't someone's sister or wife or friend, but every woman is a person deserving of respect.

Still, the message of the PSA is simple and to-the-point: If she can't consent, or if she won't consent, it's a crime. Full stop.

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