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Study Finds We Drink More — Not Less — During Bad Economic Times


For years, researchers thought that when the economy slowed down, so did the amount of alcohol people drank. After all, with less money in their pockets, people would have less to spend on non-essentials like entertainment and alcohol. But a new study is turning that theory on its head. 

According to a study published in Health Economics, the latest economic recession has brought about increased alcohol consumption, including problem drinking such as binge drinking and driving under the influence. The study examined alcohol drinking patterns both before and during the current recession. Researchers believe that people are easing their worries and self-medicating with alcohol. They also believe that because people have more free time, they are spending it drinking.

Although all groups studied seem to drink more during the recession, African-Americans and those between the ages of 18 to 24 seemed to be the most likely to binge drink. For women, binge drinking is defined as women having four or more drinks in two hours.

Have you had a few more drinks since the economy has gotten tough? 


Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.


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