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Study Shows That Alcohol Drinkers May Exercise Up to 10 Percent Longer Than Non-Drinkers


For those of you who drink alcohol, some good news is coming your way! A recent study published by researchers at Cornell University found that those people who linger long after last call may actually be the first to hit the gym in the morning. Sounds weird, right?

While there's no definitive answer for why, studies suggest there is a possible positive correlation between alcohol consumption and time spent exercising. Researchers speculate that it may be because those who drink are more motivated to work out in order to off-set the amount of calories consumed during drinking. Another possible explanation is that the "runner's high" you feel while exercising strenuously and the "buzz" you get while drinking are similar, so people who are "sensation-seekers," as the study puts it, might enjoy both drinking and working out (though hopefully not at the same time!) more than those who don't care about chasing after the physical sensations as much.

However, it's important to note that correlation does not equal causation, so it's impossible to say that working out causes people to drink more or that drinking causes people to work out more. Even though the researchers at Cornell found that adults who drink may exercise for up to 10 percent longer than those who don't drink, it's likely that other lifestyle factors such as diet affect the correlation more. 


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