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Surprising New Stats on Cheating, Wedding Vows, and Stalking Exes

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What is love? Apparently not what it used to be, according to the results of a recent survey USA Network commissioned in conjunction with the premiere of its new show Satisfaction

The network partnered with New York magazine to ask 411 New Yorkers how satisfied they were with their relationships, and the results are...actually kind of surprising. A slight majority (54 percent) feel that cheating can be justified in certain situations, though the Today show noted there was a double-standard at play: Eighty-two percent surveyed said they'd have "zero tolerance" if someone cheated on them, but 81 percent admitted that they'd cheat if they knew there'd be zero consequences to their actions. 

Some other interesting tidbits: Nearly a third of respondents have been in a purely digital relationship. Parents were more likely than non-parents to admit to cheating, and 58 percent said that couples' therapy is advised before marriage. 

More women than men admitted to stalking their exes on social media (35 percent of women vs. 17 percent of men), and 45 percent of Gen Y-ers admitted to following their exes online, as opposed to 20 percent of Gen X-ers.

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This little nugget is my favorite: Forty percent said the words "death do us part" should be removed from wedding vows, which makes me wonder what everyone wants to replace them with. (Seriously, I'm so curious. I think this might be my new favorite fill-in-the-blank game: "To have and to hold until....")

Click over to Today to read more stats from survey, and then tell us: How satisfied are you with your relationship? What would you fill in the blanks of your wedding vows with? Sound off below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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