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The Surprising Thing Men Buy Before the World Cup


While your man screams “GOOOOOOAL!!” at the TV screen during the World Cup, which kicks off June 12, you might be simultaneously scoring yourself—alone in bed. According to new data being collected for the 2014 Global Sex Survey by luxury sex toy brand Lelo, 4 out of 5 male customers buy sex toys for their ladies one week before a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl, Tour de France, and, of course, World Cup.

On an average day, Lelo customers are split an even 50-50 between men and women. However, “we first observed the shift in male sales globally and then began to look at sales patterns country by country and noticed a direct correlation between a surge in male buyers and major sporting events in each country,” says Steve Thomson, Lelo's global marketing manager. 

After analyzing the sales figures, Thomson and his digital team compared notes to their global survey of 10,000 men between ages 25 to 30. They found that about 3 in 4 Americans bought from Lelo just days before the Super Bowl in February. And 4 out of 5 Spaniards purchased toys in May the week of the Champions League final, featuring two rival teams from Madrid.

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Basically men were picking up expensive sexy gifts—Lelo toys range from $129 to $15,000 for a 24K gold-plate vibrator—in anticipation of blowing off their partners to tune into the game. Which means, even if you don't vibe with your guys sport, you might still be vibing in your own way if he's thoughtful enough to get you a fun distraction. Afterward, he'll have to work extra hard to please you just as well or better than that pricey play thing.

Would you be cool with your guy temporarily checking out of the relationship to watch sports if he gave you a vibrating gift? If so, share this link with him so that he gets the hint! (You get 20 percent off Lelo products when you take their 2014 global survey.) Let us know either way in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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