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Survey Reveals Where Highest-Rated Doctors in U.S. Are


Finding a doctor you like and trust isn't easy. After all, you're literally putting your life in someone else's hands, so you want to feel confident you've found the one for you.

It's important to consider credentials, where your doctor did his or her residency or went to medical school, any papers she or he might have written, bedside manner, personality traits, years of experience, and location. (While you're at it, the patient-doctor relationship a two-way street: Click here for six crucial things you must tell your doctor.)

To simplify that headache of an experience, health startup ZocDoc used verified reviews left by patients—meaning you can only leave a review if you've made an appointment through ZocDoc, followed through with it, and have been verified by a doctor—to crunch the numbers and determine where the highest-rated doctors are.

Which city snagged the No. 1 spot? Portland! People in the Oregon city are most happy overall with their doctors. St. Louis doctors snagged the top spot for bedside manner, while Denver has the highest-rated dermatologists. Philly won out for the highest-rated family-friendly practices, and Seattle ranked No. 1 for doctor-office wait times. Need a teeth cleaning? Los Angeles boasts the highest-rated dentists. 

Scroll below to check out which cities are home to the top-rated doctors overall (list below infographic) and then tell us: Did your city make the list? Sound off in the comments or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

1. Portland, Oregon
2. Austin, Texas
3. Boston, Massachusetts
4. Seattle, Washington
5. St. Louis, Missouri
6. San Diego, California
7. Chicago, Illinois
8. San Francisco, California
9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10. Los Angeles, California




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