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Take Over the World Like Jay Z and Beyoncé

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As if we're not already jealous of this world-famous power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z have given us another reason to want what they have: The married superstars are supposedly kicking off their first joint tour this June, which means they now have an excuse to spend even more time being crazy/drunk in love together.

The Mr. & Mrs. Carter Tour—which, of course, is the perfect name for the marriage of their musical talents—is slated to make 20 stops in cities across the U.S., starting with Atlanta on June 13, New York City possibly on July 4, and ending with San Francisco on August 6. After that, hip hop's “Bonnie & Clyde” will make a run for it to Europe, where they'll perform multiple shows in Paris come September. And while sources haven't confirmed it, we doubt they'll leave their two-year-old baby girl, Blue Ivy, at home, which will make this the ultimate family road trip, especially if auntie Solange is their opening act (a wishful rumor for now).

“We can't all be as lucky as Jay Z and Beyoncé and plan our work travel together—or even at the same time. But even the strongest relationships can get stressed when time together becomes too infrequent,” says psychologist LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D., author of Smart Relationships. Here are three closeness-building strategies for couples who just can't clear their busy schedules to tour together this summer. [Tweet these tips!]

1. Build suspense through text. Don't just text when you're running late. Sure, texting to relay useful information, like “Be there in 10,” or “Starbucks run. Want something?” is helpful, but it's far from foreplay. Taking a few minutes throughout the day to send happy messages like, “I can't wait to see you tonight” or even just stringing together some funny emoticons will make you feel closer when you're apart.

2. Do him a favor. Guys might not be big on words, but they do understand kind acts of service. If you've heard him complaining about a crick in his neck, offer to give him a massage—or better yet, book a couples massage on Groupon or Living Social (those deals come up weekly). “Loving actions make you feel loved,” Wish reassures.

3. Don't skip date night. When you're busiest, a night out with your significant other can feel, well, insignificant, so you might be tempted to postpone until things calm down. Look at these evenings together like a stop at the gas station. Like your car, your love tank will go empty if you don't refill it at least once a week—and sometimes more if you're really running around all the time. “Don't fall into the trap of letting too much time go by without reconnecting emotionally and sexually,” Wish says. At the same time, don't expect to reconnect on both levels on the same day. Sometimes, you might be too exhausted, so set a date for both separately, she advises.


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